Loong and Peter are classmates and graduates of the University of Otago Dental School. Upon leaving the colder Dunedin climates, they have collectively travelled up and down the country and around the world on their respective life journeys, experiencing, learning, and upskilling their craft to provide the high standard of dental care that we pride at DBS Dental Studio. They have finally reconnected together to begin DBS Dental Studio right here in Albany, Auckland.
DBS Dental Studio was created to bridge the gap between “then” and “now.” Our core value is to provide advanced dentistry to the utmost highest standard of care for you and every single person who walks through our doors. We want to provide a safe, modern, and clean dental facility to guide you on your journey to optimal oral health. We also strive to stay current with the global trends in terms of material science, dental products and digital technology.

Some of the technology that we have invested and employ at DBS Dental Studio include the following – but keep your eye out as we are always looking to bringing you to the forefront of dental technologies.

  • DSLR Cameras
  • Dental Loupes
  • 3D Cone Beam CT Xray Machine
  • 3D Intra Oral Scanner
  • 3D Printing
  • 3D Facial scanner
  • Air abrasion
  • Rubber Dam
  • Airflow
  • Noise cancelling headphones and TV
  • IV Sedation with capnography


General Dentist


General Dentist


Oral Health Therapist


Oral Health Therapist


Dental Assistant


Dental Assistant


Front Desk Coordinator


Preventative Hygiene Care


Crowns / Bridges


Root Canal Therapy

Teeth Removal



IV Sedation

3D Printing


Sleep Apnea

Teeth Grinding / TMD

Teeth Whitening



Insurance Provider

Environmentally Aware

Fee Guide

Everyone is special and unique in their own way, and no 2 cases are the same. You will require an individualized assessment and plan according to your needs & desires. Only then can we explore possibilities of treatment. Therefore, this treatment fee is only a guide, and your treatment cost may alter based on your situation.

First Examination


Returning Examination


Emergency Examination


3D Xray (CBCT)


Hygiene Treatment Using EMS Airflow

$150 - $300

Teeth Whitening (At Home Option)


Teeth Whitening (In Surgery Option)


Teeth Removal


Baby Teeth Removal


Wisdom Teeth Removal


Implant Consultation


Implant Surgery


Implant Crown


Surgical Exposure & Chain Attachment


Orthodontic Consultation


Orthodontic Aligners


Space Maintainers


Root Canals (Front Teeth)


Root Canals (Back Teeth)


Temporary Restorations


Composite Restorations


Crowns / Veneers


Bridges (3 Unit)


IV Sedation


Grinding / Clenching Night Splints


Snoring Appliances


Botox (For TMD)

$15 per unit

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Hi everybody! A bit of background about me – I grew up in Malaysia, came to Auckland to attend high school and then decided to move down to Dunedin to study Dentistry at University of Otago, one of the most prestigious dental schools in the world.

After graduating in 2011, I spent a few years working in the South Island, and exploring some of the most amazing sceneries in the country, before relocating back to the big smoke in 2020.

Since returning to Auckland, I’ve reconnected with Peter and realised that we share similar philosophies on the type of Dentistry that we want to provide and this started the DBS journey, and proud to say that we’re finally here!

I offer a wide range of dental services, including dental implants, clear aligner orthodontics, and intravenous sedation. I pride myself in creating a safe and comfortable environment to provide high quality dentistry for you.

Outside of work, I enjoy spending time with my family, and during winter, you might find me hitting up the slopes in the South Island!

My family emigrated to New Zealand in the 90’s and settled in Rotorua and completed all my schooling here. The ‘scarfie’ lifestyle of Dunedin came calling next and in between the socialising, ski trips and general shenanigans I managed to complete a degree in the Bachelor of Dental Surgery.

Upon graduating, I went to Wellington to work as a dental house surgeon to work in the public sector and gain valuable medical and surgical training. I then sacrificed a few years of my youth to spend the last time my family would be living under the same roof in Rotorua before moving to Auckland to work at various clinics. During these years I identified the gap in the market for the way dentistry is delivered and connected with Loong to bring to life the dream that is DBS Dental Studio

I absolutely love what I do for a living and it is a real privilege to help in what way I can. My interest areas are in rehabilitation work, digital dentistry and surgery. I also have the honour to mentor and run courses for my dental colleagues from time to time. I consider myself a humble student of the game, continually learning and upskilling – the promise I can make is that I will do the best of my ability to provide dentistry in a modern, safe and informed way.

Outside of work you will find me out on a photography excursion, barking out orders from the hockey field or spending time travelling and exploring the wide world.

I came to New Zealand from China and finished high school in Auckland before graduating from University of Otago with a Bachelor of Science (Psychology), and a Bachelor of Oral Health in 2015.

After graduating, I spent a few years working at Waikato DHB before relocating to Auckland in 2020. I have since worked in various clinics providing dental hygiene services, and also worked alongside an orthodontic specialist. With my friendly demeanour and attentive manner, I ensure that every patient is completely comfortable during their dental appointments.

When the weather isn’t too chilly, I like taking leisurely strolls down the beach and spending time with my young family.

I am an oral health therapist with a diverse cultural background. Born in South Korea, my family migrated to New Zealand during my early years, allowing me to become fluent in both English and Korean. In 2017, I graduated from Auckland University of Technology with a Bachelor of Health Science in Oral Health.

Following graduation, I gained valuable experience in various clinics across Auckland, both private and public. My expertise lies in providing comprehensive hygiene treatments for adult patients and specialised dental treatment for young children.

Recently, I have spent time in Whangārei, where I had the opportunity to explore and appreciate the region’s captivating landscapes, hiking tracks, and pristine beaches. Now, I am excited to return to Auckland and join the dynamic team at DBS.

I take immense pride in my profession and have an unwavering commitment to providing top-notch dental care to my patients. My amiable demeanour and gentle approach will put you at ease during your visit.

Outside of work, I enjoy spending my downtime going for walks with friends, indulging in movie watching, and discovering quaint cafés that serve exceptional coffee.

Originally from China, I came to New Zealand in 2018 to pursue an education in Business Management. However, such as life is, destiny had different plans for me and discovered my true calling in the healthcare industry.

I began my journey by facilitating individual learning plans for disabled people in the Christchurch community and earned a level 3 certificate in Health and Wellbeing. Combining my healthcare expertise, genuine caring and warm-hearted nature, and love for continuous learning, I aspire to make a positive impact on every person who steps into DBS Dental Studio.

Outside of work, I enjoy exploring the breathtaking scenery of New Zealand with my family, finding relaxation in nature’s beauty.

I was born in South Korea and migrated to New Zealand by myself in 2012 – an exciting and scary journey! I was fortunate to meet my now husband and am blessed with a son to begin a small family of my own. I am proud to call New Zealand my second home country.

I have several years of healthcare background in Korea as a phlebotomist, licensed nursing assistant, and qualified radiographer. I have always had a passion in working in the healthcare industry because I love helping local communities. I will always welcome you with a lovely smile and warm caring nature.

Outside of DBS you will find me spending time with my young family or sweating it out dancing in a Les Mills group fitness class. Travelling around our beautiful country of Aotearoa to find hidden gems is one of my favourite holiday pastimes.

Hey everyone! A bit of background about me – over the past 6 years I have always worked with animals, varying from being a dog walker, a pet nutritionist… I even became a qualified zookeeper! Over the years I realised that as much as I loved working with animals, I loved working with people even more and being able to help others… which is what has led me to this exciting new chapter in my life, working with the team at DBS Dental Studio! 

Having been through a number of dental and orthodontic procedures myself and combining my love for helping people and warm, empathetic nature, I look forward to meeting everyone who walks through DBS Dental Studio’s doors and assisting you on your new exciting journey with us.

Outside of work, I enjoy going on road trips and camping around NZ’s beaches and bush trails with my Schnoodle pup Cleo during the warmer seasons and during the cooler seasons, you can find me cosying up reading a good thriller, or learning how to ice skate with my friends!

The DBS consultation is likely not something you have experienced before. Along with the standard Xray’s that are usually taken, we go the extra step by taking high-definition photographs of your smile and teeth, 3D digital scans of your teeth as well as 3D Xray’s if necessary. This is all to ensure we are providing you with all the necessary information required to help you make an informed decision about what is best for your needs. We like to take our time with this process as with many things in life – the foundations are the building blocks hence we like to allocate an hour for this appointment.

One of the keys to a life of good oral health is to ensure you are getting them regularly checked and cleaned. Here at DBS Dental Studio, we utilize the advanced Airflow system to help remove debris and plaque build-up.

One of the most common procedures are restorations, that aims to restore damaged or lost tooth structure to as close to its natural state as possible. We use modern dental restorative materials in a minimally invasive way, commonly referred to as biomimetic dentistry. Simply put – we try to preserve as much of your natural tooth as possible whilst restoring your damaged tooth in the most cosmetic and functional way.
Sometimes, the teeth are damaged to a point where our standard materials are not adequate to do the job. This is where crowns / bridges may be necessary. We work closely with a master dental technician who will hand craft your tooth to ensure it looks, fits, and feels as close to your natural tooth as possible.
Similar to crowns / bridges, whether the teeth are damaged to a point where our standard materials are not adequate to do the job, or you are wanting a smile enhancement, we work closely with a master dental technician who will hand craft your tooth to ensure it looks, fits, and feels like a brand new smile.
Unfortunately, dental decay can sometimes progress too far where the nerve of the tooth gets infected. A method to save the tooth is to perform a root canal therapy to rid of the bacteria that gets introduced to this normally sterile environment. Teeth that have had root canal therapy can serve you for many years.
Either through dental neglect, or trauma, sometimes teeth need to be removed. Here at DBS Dental Studio, we ensure to provide a seamless appointment for what can be a daunting procedure.

Sometimes, teeth get damaged beyond repair and the tooth is lost. Dental implants are one of the ways to restore the lost tooth. We will take a 3D digital scan of your teeth, bone and gums to virtually plan the case before the surgery even takes place! The advancement with the modern 3D printing and software technology allows us to deliver more predictable treatment outcomes for you.

Whether you are born with it or develop it, malalignment is simply a condition where the teeth do not come together as well as they can. We utilize clear aligners to help align / straighten the teeth in the best position to improve the look and position of the teeth for optimal aesthetics and function.

For those who are anxious of dental treatment we can provide sedative options to help make a more pleasant experience. We employ modern monitoring equipment that measures your pulse rate, blood pressure and your breathing to ensure you are safe from start to finish.

With an ever expanding digital world, 3D printing allows us to make treatment processes faster for you at a fraction of the cost to traditional dentistry.
Botox is used as a form of treatment for those who grind / clench their teeth so much that it impacts their quality of life. The Botox helps to temporarily reduce the effectiveness and strength of the muscles that cause these unwanted movements.
This is an emerging branch of medicine where there is a close association you’re your oral health. Who better to help diagnose this condition than your dentist. Sleep apnea is a complex condition that requires collaboration with other specialist sleep medicine physicians. DBS Dental Studio works closely with these specialists to help treat this potentially fatal condition.
Unwanted movements like clenching and grinding, whether you do it during the day or in your sleep damages not only your teeth but places unnecessary stress on the surrounding muscles. Splint therapy is a low cost treatment that can help prevent these unwanted damage.
Our teeth survive a lifetime of abuse from all the things we eat and drink. Teeth whitening may be a viable option for you to revitalize them back to their glorious former self. We provide both options that can be completed in the chair here at DBS Dental Studio in an hour or custom fitted trays that you can take home and whiten at a gradual pace in the comfort of your own home over 3-14 days.
If you have had an accident we will work with you and ACC to help you on your road to recovery. ACC will in most cases help with the cost of the majority of your treatment. Should you have financial barriers, we will work with you and your individual situation. We will not decline treatment for anyone who requires it due to a lack of funding.
If you are having financial trouble funding dental care, we work with Work & Income NZ to help provide urgent and necessary treatment. Please do not feel shy or embarrassed to talk to us about your situation. We will strive to help you the best we can.
We will work with your insurance provider for all necessary documentation and processes to ensure you get the cover you require
At DBS we acknowledge the need to re-think the way we deliver our dental care to care for our environment. We use the latest technologies to help recycle as much water as possible, time sensored power operation, automated processes wherever possible to reduce wastage, reduce plastic use and waste with the long term goal of removing all single use plastic completely. We are also enrolled in the Terracycle program which you can learn more about here https://www.terracycle.com


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